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Pavarit Manchanda - Vatel

Pavarit Manchanda


Pavarit & Co
Class of 2012

Bangkok, Thailand Return

I currently run my own hospitality business in Thailand, a one stop solution international events company. It has its niche in destination weddings, essentially weddings that come from abroad and mainly targeting the Indian market.  Recently the company received a gold award at the WeddingSutra Influencer Awards 2020 for best décor execution. 

I am a strong believer that if you choose the right place to study, have the right faculty, and the right lecturers to guide and support you, you will have a good head start to your career.  Vatel and SUIC were able to give me that edge because of the combination of academic management theory, professional training and internships. 

The University also sent me out to compete at various international competitions abroad, as well as partaking in a student leadership forum.  This all gave me a lot of exposure to international business practices and helped me start my own company.  Education is not simply staying in one classroom reading the same book as each other or writing an essay.  We have the world in our palms but you need to know how to manage it.  Therefore, education stretches much beyond the classroom, going to new countries, meeting new people and making friends, trying new cuisine, all of this is also very educational.

So I think for me, in order to be able to do this business where I come across thousands of people, it is so important that I am able to understand everyone’s unique culture, that I am able to relate to them and speak the same language. If you can communicate well with your team then the end result is phenomenal, Vatel and SUIC definitely helped me succeed with that!

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