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Digital & Data Strategist

VLH - Veranda Leisure & Hospitality
Class of 2018

Mapou, Mauritius Return

18” Alumnus and former straight-A student, holder of BA/MBA in International Hotel Management - Victor Bohbot, was always driven by his love for holidaying at hotels and the thrill of discovering an otherworldly retreat would usually keep him on tenterhooks till the moment of checking in. 

He fondly recalls how badly he wanted to grow up fast to fulfil his life purpose tugging him day and night, that of pursuing a thriving career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Then came to him in spades, the logical decision, the perfect fit, “a prestigious hospitality and tourism management school par excellence, the Vatel Business School Mauritius’’ he says.

Till date, Victor declares that he holds the Vatel Business School Mauritius journey close to his heart and credits the institution for helping him become the man he is today.

“Early 2014, how young was I… away from my home country. I had to adjust fast, to learn to become self-sufficient, organised and proactive enough to adapt in this new-found environment. Thankfully though, not only was I a social butterfly amidst such a welcoming school environment but also very passionate about what I was doing. The school could then only forge my identity, reinforce my passion and make me discover my forte which were all things related to marketing” he states.

Quickly moving up the corporate ladder ever since, he ascended from a versatile intern operational departments in 2014 to Digital Marketing Specialist in 2021 for Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH) group, passing through Assistant Communication Manager at Heritage Resorts in 2017, PR & Marketing Assistant at Hills Balfour (UK) in 2018 to name a few commendable experiences.

Now with a positive, laid-back attitude and in a bid to inspire the future generation of leaders, Victor is part-time Marketing Lecturer at Vatel Business School Mauritius and part-time Digital Media Lecturer for EFMH - Ecole Français de Management Hôtelier (Paris), aside from his actual VLH position…

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