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DIARIO SUR - The commitment to a virtual model that maintains interaction and contact with students - Vatel

DIARIO SUR - The commitment to a virtual model that maintains interaction and contact with students

DIARIO SUR organizes the "TransformandoLaFormación" meetings, an initiative aimed at offering Malaga's people a clearer vision of the training sector, together with Jean-Christophe de Roland, responsable of Vatel Málaga.


Diario Sur 

The meeting included the participation of Belén Jurado, director of ESESA IMF; Manuel Ávila, CEO of MEDAC; Ignacio de la Vega, director of ESIC Business & Marketing School in Malaga; Ignacio de Benito, territorial representative of the Bertelsman Foundation; and Jean-Christophe de Roland, responsable of Vatel Málaga

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During the technical table key points were discussed by the different schools about the use of virtuality in education. 

The key points given by Vatel on the technical table are: 

"Vatel, with 50 schools in 30 countries and specialized in training future hotel managers and executives, has experienced this situation in a different way due to the practicality of its specificity.

"Our students spend half of the year in a hotel -both in Spain and in other countries", which obviously due to the current situation is a difficult time, and the other half of the year they are studying at school.

We were fortunate to have almost ended the class period when the lockout actually started. In Malaga we have had to carry out the exams online, while in Madrid there were some pending classes that our teaching staff can give thanks to their adaptation and brilliant response capacity.

Jean-Christophe de Roland 
Responsable de Vatel Málaga 

 "In addition, we already applied blended learning, with both face-to-face and online, so it has been easier for us to respond to this situation.  Likewise, during this time of 'inactivity' we have also made online resources available to students so that Keep studying. As we are closely linked to the hotel business network, we have given them free online training so that their employees continue to train during this period. And we are obviously sure that those who adapt quickly will stand out and those who will not, disappear, " said Jean-Christophe de Roland, responsable of the Vatel Malaga "

         Read the article in Diario Sur

To read the article in Diario Sur click Here

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