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Current panorama and emerging opportunities in times of COVID-19 - Vatel

Current panorama and emerging opportunities in times of COVID-19

Alessandro Nicolini, MBA Professor of Event Management and Protocol, reflects on the current status of COVID19, as well as the new opportunities that will arise in the hotel sector.


Faced with the crisis situation that the country and the world are going through, Vatel Madrid teachers offer their experiences and knowledge.

Alessandro Nicolini, Professor of Event Management and Protocol of the MBA in International Hotel & Tourism Management program, reflects on the current affairs of COVID-19, which we have all been joining for weeks.

Right now there is a word that comes to mind every day: uncertainty. Even more so than in 2008, when the economic crisis left a large part of the country in a very complicated situation, under all aspects.

Now, this crisis seems more serious, unknown, encompassing not only the economic, but the health, social, even scientific, and thus it is affecting all areas of daily life.COVID-19 has misplaced us; the tourism sector and events in particular are finding an unpublished photo: it all started with hotels with occupations below 10%, conventions and conferences completely canceled until summer and in some cases beyond, all this was followed by total closure of establishments by the State of Alarm decreed by the Government.

 In this scenario that no one would have imagined, the aspect that makes me proud is knowing that hotels can help the world by allowing the spaces to be medicalized.In this context, the virus attack on tourism and events is total.

And now?

Now we have to bear the pull and reflect, a lot.Every crisis (humanitarian, economic, social, ...) also brings with it a panorama of new "opportunities", where we can create new products aligned with the needs that will arise after all this. Think of new services, new media, new spaces, new channels; review work processes, feed internal training, think of different sales strategies.On the other hand, a great opportunity has come for teleworking, and it will still serve to stay in most sectors, in many companies that can develop it. 

This trend was already very present in many business models, but perhaps not so much in the tourism sector. Possibly many people have been caught without the technology to make workflows work. But it is time to get down to it and implement the resources in order to promote this trend, today essential in any field, but above all necessary for family reconciliation more and more present in every home in our country. Employees value the reconciliation of work and personal life, increasingly above the economic part. And teleworking could also help increase people's motivation and productivity.

We hope that all this happens quickly, so that we can return to what we like the most: being among the people and seeing the smile and happiness of a job well done and the success of events on each person's face.

But above all, I hope and wish that this situation helps us to learn personally and professionally, to improve in our sector and to be more prepared for future crises, which will probably come, because this is the story, cyclical.

Written by Alessandro Nicolini, Professor of Event Management and Protocol, in the MBA program.

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