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INSIDE Hospitality Recruitment Forum Vatel Spain 2021- Akili Travel - Vatel

INSIDE Hospitality Recruitment Forum Vatel Spain 2021- Akili Travel

The hotels present at the Hospitality Forum organized by Vatel Spain tell us what they expect from our students and why it is important to hold a recruitment event like this one for both hotels and students


What do you expect from your participation in the forum? I expect to find someone that would like to join our team and feel the tourism as we do

What is the profile or profiles of internships you are looking for and why? We are looking for someone that is self-reliant, a person that is able to achieve targets without the figure of a boss behind him/her. We want someone that is creative enough to have their own personality and be able to bring ideas to the project.

What can your hotel offer candidates unlike other hotel establishments? We are an OTA, because we are a start-up. We can offer the possibility to learn how to open a business of this magnitude from scratch.

How does a student develop during the internship in a hotel? This person will be mainly in the Marketing department, but because we want someone that stays in the company after an internship we will be teaching every single aspect of the company 

Through your experience with interns, what can you tell us about how they work and fit into the team? What do they bring to the team and what does the team bring to them?This will be our first experience with interns, but because we been interns as well in the past we would like to give the most of us during this period of training

What are the short-term news that your hotel / hotel chain has planned in terms of expansions, technological development, etc.?As a new OTA, we are planning to have around 100 extra hotels for each big country (23 of them) every month for the first 6 months to grow up to 14000 hotels inside our platform

How will the hotel sector evolve in the coming years? What are the main challenges?I think everyone knows our main challenge and is the Covid-19, I believe once this situation is gone everyone will be travelling even more.

What advice would you give Hotel Management students to try or achieve to be the best? Work hard to achieve your dreams and never think that you choose the wrong way inside the hospitality sector. Sometimes it is hard but is always grateful.

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