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Vatel Malaga integration week 2021/2022 - Vatel

Vatel Malaga integration week 2021/2022

On October 4th, the new students of the 2021/2022 academic year arrived at Vatel Málaga to begin their training as future hotel leaders, carrying out activities to discover the school and get to know each other.


On Monday, October 4th, the new Vatel Málaga promotion entered the school doors for the first time.

We have welcomed them and given them information about the operation of the school and the program of International Hospitality Management.


Later, we moved to the Ilunion Malaga hotel, where we were received by the hotel's General Director, Mar Almagro Soto.

They took a tour of the hotel, with Carmen Exposito, Coordinator of the Events Area, who explained the function of each department of the hotel, the situation that the hotel industry is experiencing due to the global pandemic, and its recovery.

During the tour, they saw recently renovated meeting and event rooms, restaurants and room types, placing great importance on the hotel's values: sustainability and inclusiveness.

On Tuesday, October 5th, the students began the day with a Food Handling workshop, to later obtain their Food Handler certificate. 

Additionally, they had a presentation on the development of future national and international practices that they will carry out in each academic year throughout their formative years.

The day concluded with an Escape Game, a team building and problem solving activity.

In the activity, the students had to work together to get out of the room. And they have succeeded! 

The objective of the integration days was also to introduce the students to the school's methodology. 

Our theoretical classes are preparation for their future work where they will apply this knowledge.

Visits to hotels help them understand how establishments work, before starting their work Internships.

Finally, but just as important, is being able to get to know each other and learn to work as a team, following the Vatel philosophy.

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